Sommerlad chicken at Milking Yard Farm, 2015.
Roast Sommerlad chicken with hazelnut stuffing. Photo: Alan Benson
Performance as part of Nell's 'Dead or Alive', MCA ARTBAR, 26/10/12.
Gundooee organic Wagyu, Dunedoo, NSW.
Burgers, Feather and Bone Open Day, 20/11/11. Photo: Alan Benson
Boned bio-dynamic lamb legs wrapped in heritage pork pancetta. Photo: Alan Benson
Jumjum Pekin duckling, Jumjum Farm, Ravenswood, NSW. 15/2/15
Feather and Bone, Marrickville. Photo by Alan Benson. November 2016.
Sommerlad daughter, Tenterfield, October 2015
TEDx Sydney, 'Rebel Food', Sydney Opera House, 21/5/15.
Weaners at the breakfast trough, Mayfield Farm, Dorrigo Plateau, NSW, 21/6/14.
Feather and Bone produce. Photo: Alan Benson. Styling: Jane Hann
'Nonie & The Italian Stallions' Feast, Rozelle, 4/7/12
'The Ethics of Pork Production' panel, Feather and Bone Open Day, 12 November 2011
On the road visiting farms, near Dungog, NSW, 21/6/14.
TEDx 2016, Sydney Opera House
Chicken broth with seasonal greens
Staff lunch: mutton and goat arrosticini
Ribeye rack with sage, dry-cured bacon and caul fat
Concrete Kitchen with Danielle Alvarez, Marrickville, March 2016
Clarissa Spata serenading the diners, 'Nonie & the Italian Stallions' Feast. 4/7/12
Lamb delivery, Marrickville.
Vince treating sheep with diatomaceous earth, Moorlands, August 2014
Vince and Janet Heffernan, Moorlands Farm, March 2015
Sommerlad roosters, Tenterfield Farm, October 2015
Teatowel and ham bag, Julie Paterson collaboration, December 2015
Fig Trees organic farms, Nattai, Inverell, NSW.
Fig Trees organic Hereford cross, Nattai, Inverell, NSW.
Lamb pet, Feather and Bone.
Sous vide heritage turkey breast
Cob/Ross wings.
Wedding feast, Kangaroo Valley, NSW.
'Rebel Food', TEDx 2015, Sydney Opera House.
Sommerlad breeding roosters, Sommerlad farm, 15/10/16
Siesta, Boxgum Grazing Farm.
Michael Sommerlad, pastured Sommerlad chooks, 15/10/16
Sommerlad farm, 'Kildare', 15/10/16
The Humble Goat workshop with Historic Houses Trust, Vaucluse House, Sydney.
First Saturday of the month, Georgie's locally-sourced, seasonal fruit and veg.
Breaking dry-aged beef.
Pasture-raised chickens grown at Buena Vista Farm, Gerringong.
Sommerlad daughters, 15/10/16
Fig Trees organic Berkshire cross herd
Pulled pork roll, Marrickville Festival, 22 October 2016
Dry aged ribeye. Photo: Alan Benson